Hanging Feather

~ American Indian Awards and Gifts ~

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My Greatest "Rewards"! ;D

From My Son and Daughter-in-law.
(Taken from my Address Book)
Your Name:Tony - 01/02/99 21:20:28
Everyone: This is my mothers site
As her first born child this makes me so very proud
to see all the hearts that she has touched..
I LOVE YOU MOM !! ;{o>

(Taken from my Address Book)
Your Name:Shari - 12/18/98 18:35:10
Oh, Spirited one: I am very proud of you
and how well this website has been created.
Medicine Deer is proud. Love Shari


I proudly and humbly announce!
My first award! December 24, 1998.

1st Award

Thank you, "Little White Wolf"

A Gift from "96Apache". December 29, 1998.
Thank you my Friend!

Feather Gift

I am so honored my Friend!
Wolf adds beauty to my site and my Spirit!
Presented December 30, 1998.

Wahya Award

A Gift from Teddie on January 28, 1999.


Teddie's Award

Received January 28, 1999
Thank you Teddie, my friend, for this beautiful Award.

Becki's Heart
Received January 29, 1999 for Medicine Deer's Page.
Thank you, Becki, you have honored her memory.

Received January 29, 1999 for Medicine Deer's Page.
From Nadine Roper, who was touched by Medicine Deer.

MistyEye Award

Received January 31, 1999
Thank you Jim...."Coyote Thunder".
I am honored by this Award.
Howling Wolf

Received February 14, 1999
Bearded Wolf has been one of my mentors.
This award holds great honor for me.

Apache Award

Spiritkeeper Award
Received July 14, 1999 from "Spiritkeeper"
It is with great honor that I place this Award on my page.

Running Deer Award

Received July 24, 1999.
Thank you, Running Deer. I place it with pride.

Apache's Award
Received July 25, 1999
I am humbled and very honored to receive this award from Apache.


Your site has left a mark in my heart and my spirit.
"In Memory of her Husband"
Presented August 1, 2000 by a special friend Joyce Chandler.

Two Dogs

Presented by my Friend and CyberBrother, Joseph Mathis.

Hanging Feather

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