Women’s Health Screening – Everything In Short

Women’s Health Screening – Everything In Short

Health screening is a planned use of a test or investigation to discover people at high risk of a particular health issue, warranting further research and direct preventative action, among people who haven’t yet sought medical help for indications of that illness. The primary goal of a screening program is to discover disease or risk factors in the general public so that early prevention and treatment intervention can be implemented.

What distinguishes it from Diagnosis?

The terms “screening” and “diagnosis” are not interchangeable. Screening is done on persons who don’t have any symptoms. Despite the challenges, researchers have found that screening has advantages. The most well-known advantage of health screening is its ability to reduce disease-related illness and death by identifying disease prior symptoms appearance.

Screening packages

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Women’s health screening packages in Singapore offer consumers all the necessary screening. It includes common and uncommon disease screening. They are affordable to the public. Some of the most common screening for diseases carried out that is included in this package is,

  • Breast cancer screening

This entails examining a woman’s breasts for cancer before any signs or symptoms appear. A woman’s health care professional should advise them about the best screening alternatives for them. Although breast cancer screening will not prevent the disease, it can aid in the early detection of the disease; this is a stage where it is easier to treat. Consult a doctor to determine which breast cancer screening tests are appropriate for a person and when they should be performed.

  • Cervical cancer screening

It’s used to look for alterations in the cervix’s cells that might develop into cancer. Cervical cytology, human papillomavirus (HPV) tests or both are used in screening. Cervical cancer screening should be done frequently for the majority of women. Increased alterations in cervical cells typically take 3 to 7 years to develop into cancer. Cervical cancer screening may perceive these alterations before they progress into malignancy. Low-grade abnormalities in women’s cells can be checked more frequently to evaluate if their cells return to normal. Women with increased alterations can have their cells eliminated through therapy. Cervical cancer screening is a life-saving procedure. Because women are receiving routine cervical cancer screening, by availing women’s health screening packages singapore, there is a fall in the number of death due to cervical cancer.


Women’s health screening packages in Singapore are a must for a lady as they can help the citizens find disease even before the symptoms may occur. This way, the cost of treatment or management can also be reduced.