Ways to Capture Your Pharmacists Electronic Signature

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Pharma mart software can help pharmacies capture their customers’ electronic signatures without a complex implementation process. Some pharmacies may not know that capturing customers’ signatures electronically is simple. The same signature can be used for tasks such as completing a purchase order, checking out, and requesting a prescription.

It’s best to capture your pharmacy customers’ electronic signatures if you want them to return and shop with you in the future. This can be done by asking them to sign the same document each time. There are various ways to capture your pharmacy customers’ electronic signatures. Here are some of the most effective.

Use a smartphone to scan and connect with your pharmacy software. The first step is to get a printer hooked up to the phone’s USB port. For the scanner image to be transferred, a copy of the document must be printed and then uploaded by a user. After that, your pharmacy software can capture each customer’s electronic signature capture for pharmacies.

Create a wireless network and connect your phone with it. Use this method if you want customers to use their phones at other pharmacies. This method is meant for fast and convenient data transfer by pharmacies who wish to have their customers’ electronic signatures captured.

Use an internet-enabled device such as a tablet, laptop, or PC connected to the pharmacy system. This method is suitable if you’re interested in capturing the signature of several customers at once without installing any additional equipment or software on them. The file will be transferred from the internet-enabled device through the network into pharmacy systems that have established such applications.

Whenever you engage in transactions on behalf of your customers, certain things need to be done before accepting those signatures in your system – these are ways you need to capture your pharmacies’ electronic signatures.

The most common way of capturing customers’ electronic signatures is through an online or cloud-based application that scans documents and images and captures signatures remotely. Once a customer has signed the paper on the computer, they can print the copy or save it. The next time they need to use that document, they will find it in their system already signed.

Filling out a purchase order digitally has been made easier with this modern technology. The same goes for prescription requests, bank statements, and anything else where you want to make a signature capture as easy as possible for your pharmacy customers to use. If you are hesitant about signing electronically, take some notes on all your customers’ transactions in your system and incorporate them into an already signed PDF file which you will be uploading from your pharmacy software at the time of signature capture. This way, you won’t have to re-sign any documents for each of them all the time – upload one signed PDF file for every transaction and forgot it.