Weddings in times of coronavirus: New trends

Weddings in times of coronavirus

It is no secret that the bridal industry has been particularly affected by the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. These months of confinement and restrictions have sown many doubts for the bride and groom when planning their wedding. Not only because of the uncertainty involved in something like setting a wedding date, but also because of how Post coronavirus weddings are going to look from now on.

Inevitably, in the short term the wedding industry is going to look very different from what it has been seeing until now. Wedding planning is more important than ever, because in order to prepare your perfect wedding, now you have to adopt severe prevention measures due to the risk of contagion. Businesses related to the sector are going to have to adapt to the new normal, so hiring the services of a wedding planner is going to be crucial.

Weddings on weekdays

According to a a study, around 64% of 2020 weddings will have to be postponed or even canceled. That means that 2021 is going to have an unusual number of weddings on very specific dates.

This will imply that most high season Saturdays will be reserved, so many couples will lean towards a weekday wedding, to avoid further delay. Who was going to tell us that the new normal is going to be going to work hungover after a big wedding?

outdoor weddings

Social and outdoor distancing

Given the risk of contagion posed by a wedding, these will be destined as far as possible to be held in large outdoor spaces, where the risk is lower, and social distancing can be carried out without problems, keeping the bride and groom and the guests safe.

Perhaps outdoor weddings are not the first choice for most, as it makes you suffer a few extra nerves regarding the unpredictable weather conditions that may be in your day. Large open space weddings are going to be more common than ever.

But how is the banquet going to be?

In some places it is offered the possibility of changing the traditional tables served by waiters, for individual picnic boxes for each guest …


When we talk about downsizing weddings in times of coronavirus for many vendors and venues, it’s all about microwedding.

Not everything is going to be open-air weddings, it is also expected to be opting for smaller and more intimate events, and a departure from tradition, both for making a wedding without risk of contagion, as for financial needs. Adjusting the wedding size has never been more justified.

Big ceremony

Weddings are a highly anticipated and exciting event for the bride and groom, and the fact of postponing it from its original date only increases that illusion in the bride and groom, and that as soon as they can develop the wedding without problems, they do a big ceremony. All waiting has its reward, and more so if it is your wedding day.