The answer to your prayers for a lean, ripped body: HGH!

Using Natural Testosterone Booster

How often have you looked into the mirror and decided that you need to look better than you do, and the one thing you need to attain is that lean and athletic body? More than we can possibly presume, you said? Well, to attain that dream body, you need to literally sweat it and burn all that extra fat, start working on your muscles and build them from scratch. Your dedication and urge to look lean and fit will be the key to your journey, but one medical solution that can give you the kick-start you need, might be a subcutaneous injection of HGH.

What is HGH and how will it help?

HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone. Ideally, your body produces enough HGH unless that is affected by your lifestyle or otherwise. It is also a prescription drug that increases muscle growth and burns body fat by triggering the pituitary gland and/or stepping up your metabolism rate. Synthetically produced HGH has a variety of generic names like Somatropin and so on. The most effective way to produce HGH is to use recombinant DNA technology.

How can you get your hands on an effective HGH supplement?

Before you start using HGH supplements, it is advisable that you consult your trainer and a physician, who can best determine whether you need a supplement at all. They are also the go-to people for you, in case you want to know which product of what brand you need to use.

Since HGH is a prescription-only drug, you need to have a valid prescription from a registered physician to obtain it in any form, from medical stores or elsewhere.

HGH injections and their availability:

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One way in which you can easily administer HGH is a subcutaneous injection of best testosterone supplement, in which you are given a skin-layer (subcutaneous) injection of the advised HGH product in the advised dosage as well.

Additionally, HGH injections are available in various strengths as follows:

  • Single-dose injections that are available in vials of 5 or 6 mg size, and administered with sterilized water in measured quantities.
  • Multi-dose injections that are typically available in vial sizes of 4 mg, and administered with bacteriostatic water.

For subcutaneous dosage, the rate range with respect to body weight is typically as follows:

  • 1 mg per kilogram daily for patients under 35 kg weight.
  • 4 mg daily for patients weighing between 35 to 45 kg.
  • 5 mg daily for patients weighing between 45 to 55 kg.
  • 6 mg daily for patients weighing over 55 kg.

Side effects and precautions regarding HGH injection supplement:

All kinds of drugs cause some or the other side-effect that need to be avoided in order to keep healthy and receive the benefits of the drug seamlessly. Some cases in which HGH supplements are advised against, are as follows:

  • Persons with moderate to severe lung issues.
  • Persons with diabetes related vision issues.
  • Persons who have suffered an injury which inflicted trauma.

Some side-effects that might occur, are:

  • Pain in joints.
  • Edema, or swelling of limbs.
  • Aching muscles, especially after a workout session.