What Are The Types Of Wedding Bands?

mens wedding bands

So it’s time to decide on the wedding band types you’ll wear for the rest of your life. Unlike musical tastes, which change frequently, you’ll want this wedding band to suit you for the rest of your life.To get a stylish band, visit the mens wedding bands in Singapore.

Wedding rings with Coloured gemstones:

Colour jewels such as sapphires, amethysts, and rubies can symbolise a birthday, a jubilee, or a child’s birth. They can also be worn with an engagement ring on the left hand when set in a narrow wedding band. There are various mens wedding bands in Singapore.


Plain wedding bands are the polar antithesis of embellished engagement bands. They have appealing ornamental elements. Gemstones, etched patterns on the shank (band), a twirl on the band, or any other design you wish can be used as decorations.


These traditional bands have bevelled sides. They get cut at an angle rather than smooth like the rest of the ring’s surface. Many admirers of this style appreciate their distinct appearance. Their curved edges, however, can make them challenging to wear for guys with big hands.

Turquoise bands:

Turquoise bands, which get especially popular in Southwest-inspired jewellery, make a stunning and vibrant statement. They have special meaning for Native American communities and artists, who use the stone to create and wear beautiful pieces. It is intended to be a peaceful stone that brings the person serenity and gets considered to improve communication skills. Turquoise rings get embedded in sterling silver, with the stone left unpolished to showcase its natural beauty and distinctiveness.

Double Comfort Bracelet:

The double comfort shape is a unique style of engagement band. It’s a basic, flat band with a rectangle cross-section all around. These bands get worn by males and have a contemporary, fashionable look that sets them apart from others in their category.

mens wedding bands


Our retro wedding rings get inspired by ancient jewellery design and feature fine detailing and exquisitely engraved scroll-work. These can be plain metal or embellished with accent diamonds for added glimmer when combined with vintage-style engagement bands.

Eternity Rings:

Eternity bands are at the arctic opposite end of the range from plain wedding rings. Diamonds adorn the complete circumference of this style of wedding band. Diamonds and other jewels can be set in an eternity ring in many forms, settings, and carat sizes, allowing for infinite personalization. If you or your partner intend to wear your wedding band without your engagement ring frequently for many reasons, the eternity band can make an exquisite statement as a solo piece.