Things To Know About Hdb 4 Room Resale Renovation

hdb 4 room resale renovation

Finding the right balance between your ideal home design and your budget is one of the most challenging aspects of becoming a first-time homeowner. As a result, the renovation of a resale property is more complicated than the refurbishment of a BTO unit.

When it comes to refurbishment costs, resale apartments tend to be more costly than those acquired from the BTO because of considerations such as the condition of the flat, its size, and how much of the original layout and furniture you want to keep.

To help you better understand how much your renovation money can get you, we’ve put together nine magnificent hdb 4 room resale renovation projects.

The removal of wall and floor coverings

Yes, it’s well-known that hacking raises the expense of renovations. If you’re on a budget, the bathrooms and kitchens may need new floor coverings or wall coverings because of water damage or general wear and tear.

You may wonder why this isn’t sufficient. Because of this, the waterproof barrier on the tiles may be thin or missing entirely in many of these locations. The neighbor downstairs may have to deal with leaks.

hdb 4 room resale renovation

Rewiring of electrical systems

It’s impossible to place a value on safety. Because of this, electrical rewiring will be the one step you cannot skip. Wires deteriorate over time, and defective ones may lead to power outages, electrical fires, or death.

Hire a licensed electrician to check your electrical system and ensure that all of your old and new wires comply with current safety standards throughout the remodeling process. Ask them to arrange wiring and socket locations depending on your requirements while they’re doing it.

It is necessary to remove spalled concrete

The ceiling has many flakes on it. Spalled concrete is most likely to blame. Corrosion of the ceiling’s steel bars causes them to expand, putting pressure on the concrete wall covering them.

Because it’s a part of life, there’s no way to stop it completely. However, it should not be left in its current state since it might risk the flat’s structural stability. The corroded bars and spalled concrete will most likely be treated and removed before the affected area is refilled during repairs, so ask your designer or contractor to hdb 4 room resale renovation.

Fittings for bathrooms

Please be honest with yourself: do you want to use the same toilet bowl as the last owner? It’s still gross even if they’re spotless, mainly if they’ve accumulated dust, hair, and calcium deposits. As a result, replacing the outdated sanitary fittings is probably the best option for cleanliness (like your sink, water valves, and shower heads).