O Level Preparatory Course In Singapore

O Level Preparatory Course In Singapore

There are many curriculums offered across different schools in different countries. Amongst which few of the curriculums that are shared by multiple countries are IGCSE and IB curriculums. IGCSE pins down its roots in the united kingdom by Cambridge university. International general certificate for secondary education – IGCSE and General certificate of Education ordinary level – GCE- O Level are two courses that are closely associated with one another. They are very similar in what they offer as far as further higher education is considered. o level preparatory course singapore are tailored to prepare you for these exams.

How does O-level differ?

Although IGCSE and GCE may be similar, the Singaporean GCE is not in any association with the European IGCSE. It doesn’t have any ties. The exams are conducted by two different managements. Their ties were de-linked when the Singapore ministry of education took control over the national examination. This can be mainly attributed to the striking differences between the evolvement of education in the two countries. Nonetheless, the calibre of the exam is the same in both cases. Students graduating in both systems are accredited and are seen to be equally qualified. There are three managements involved in the control of GCE O level examinations- the university of Cambridge local examination syllabus, the Singapore ministry of education and the Singapore administration and examinations board. The role of the Singapore administration and examinations board along w with the Singapore ministry of education is to determine the standards of the exam and its grading upon consultation with the Cambridge assessment international examinations. Hence, the papers are sent to Britain for evaluation.

o level preparatory course singapore

How to approach these exams?

 As these courses can be taken by anybody that is, by a student from either a registered school or even by private students, there are a plethora of such O-level preparatory courses available that would aid in the preparation for the exams. These courses would be ideal for private students especially, as they would cover the entire spectrum of studies required to ace the GCE- O level examination. There are many programmes that either offer online or offline courses. Enrolling in an online class could be more convenient as it would give you the advantage of adjusting the schedule of the course according to your preferences.

Wrapping up

There are many popular programmes in Singapore that offer offline courses. They function typically like an educational institution where you are expected to meet certain criteria to appear for the exam. These programs are structured only for a year, which is expected to make you all set for the GCE O Level exams.